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We Live Again

NEligahn Admin posted Apr 23, 14
Hello friends! It's been quite awhile!

We're working towards getting this place fully back up and running, but for now, enjoy the newly cleaned forums and check out the new forum RP we're starting through Mutants and Monsters HERE.

Something we're planning on starting is a daily game news post here to stimulate discussion, interaction and social stuff like that. So stay tuned!

As always, feel free to ask any questions and until next time, game on and take care!


It Returns

NEligahn Admin posted Apr 19, 14
Stay Tuned.
Ellif D'Wulfe Admin While waiting for our main feature please enjoy this informative news real clip about the invention of a hoverboard: ht...

Personal Apology

NEligahn Admin posted Oct 24, 12

Guild Wars 2 Update

Ellif D'Wulfe Admin posted Sep 16, 12
So we've had a fun couple of weeks in Guild Wars 2 so far (except Mishy, but he's Australian).

It's been a quiet but solid start for us, people are settling on character "mains", we've gained our guild emblem and working on a bank/vault/whatever it's called.

We also had a lot of fun helping Nel do a live stream weekend that involved a lot of dancing and fighting against giant super ooze's while Nel calmly picked potatoes... thanks Nel your battlefield support was much appreciated :P

((N’Eligahn’s Note: Video is here - http://www.twitch.tv/neligahn/b/331635965 and you’ll see I MORE than contributed while they repeatedly abandoned me. And those potatoes were for orphans. ORPHANS. So there.))

So what's next?

We want to try and working together ingame more as a group. GW2 makes this a lot easier with the level scaling meaning you can get rewarded for going back at level 22 to do another races starting area.

We'd also like to encourage people to post more to the forums, found a neat hidden cave area in Lion's Arch (I'm looking at you here Gryff) then post about it on the forums. Have questions about how something works in game, opinions on game features or mini-guides then post them to the forums.

Recruitment is another objective, despite Nel's nagging I'm hoping we can persuade him to avoid the badly spelt generic Map channel spam message :P

((Nel’s Note: I’m thinking - "HAI! We iz guild with taberd! WE R LUKING 4 NEW MEMBERZ WANT U! No g BANKz yet but sun! SRS PLAYERZ ONLEE! PST 4 INVITE” But Ellif keeps saying no. :( ))

If you have any suggestions or ideas on recruitment please post them to the forum as well (see what I did there? there should be a recruitment discussion thread up soon).

Is there where I'm meant to put a tacky sign off message? errm...

May you all have hours of fun laughing at Nel's jumping off cliffs across Tyria and dying!

((Nel’s Note: And as always, game on and take care. Also enjoy Ellif’s nagging!))

- Ellif D’Wulf: Lord High Chamberlain of All Things Britishy and Pomp
That's right, it's someone specials' birthday!

That someone is our own friend and co-founder, MISHY!

Have a cake of one of your national critters and best tourist deterrent, the DROP BEAR!

And of course, birthday tune!

Ellif D'Wulfe Admin yay for your "Survived the local wildlife for another year" day
NEligahn Admin Yay your birthday!
Mishy Admin Yay my birthday!
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